Thomas Nhan

Thomas Nhan is pursuing his Bachelors of Art in Economics and a Minor in Physiology at the University of Arizona. His involvement with the vietnamese community comes from not passion or heritage, but an idea. He believes that the vietnamese community is a rather underestimated population and sees a lot of potential in the people that comprises of it. He hopes to help realize this potential and see the vietnamese community become to be a big influence in the world. Thomas has lived in 5 different states and over 10 different cities. He loves culinary art, and enjoys trying new things with friends.

  1. In charge of the correspondence work which is carried on with other organizations and businesses
  2. Be the official in charge of keeping records
  3. Inform and update all SWUVSA Officers of new information and meetings
  4. Organizes and files all documents, excluding those concerning the tresury


Khoa Ho

Khoa Ho is pursuing his Master’s degree in the Science of Accounting with an emphasis on Forensics. His ambitions will lead him to a path of a boring cubicle worker that is allowed to carry a firearm. SWUVSA is his outlet for culture and expression. He originally wanted to be SWUVSA mascot but settled for Historian instead.

  1. Archive SWUVSA accomplishments, events, and activities
  2. Document history of regional UNAVSA attendace
  3. Archive collective information gathered from VSA affairs that pertain to SWUVSA
  4. Historian and Media Chair will work in conjuction to manage the SWUVSA website

Media Chair

Lilly Tran

Lillyan Tran is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Ethnic Studies and Technology, Art, and Media at University of Colorado Boulder with the dream of using technology to advocate for racial justice and equality. She joined SWUVSA as a way to celebrate her cultural heritage and community while applying her media skills to further promote their cause. Her hobbies include online shopping, watching beauty gurus on Youtube for hours on end, and playing Pokemon even though she is too old for it. Royal milk tea is her favorite drink.

  1. Actively maintains and engages individuals on all social media
  2. Maintains photo collections of regional developments
  3. Maintains the website
  4. Creates all promotional materials for SWUVSA-related events and projects

CPP Chair
Rachel Truong

Rachel Truong is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience at University of Colorado Boulder in hopes to pursue something unpredictable aka a career to be determined. Her VSA journey began in 2014 going to UNAVSA-12 as an attendee and wanting to do more, family leader for CU Boulder’s VSA, Registration Committee for our first regional Southwest UVSA Apex Conference, and currently part of UNAVSA-14 Entertainment Committee. Even when she thinks she’s reached a peak, another mountain rises to create a new adventure with VSA. She has an obsession with potato chips, waffles, boba, koala, and television shows. Her hobbies includes: knitting, hiking, eating, traveling, and crafting.

  1. Responsible for CPP money and logistics with regards to CPP
  2. Spearheads the planning of region-wide CPP events
  3. Will act as a liaison between CPP and The Council of School Representatives

CoRR Representative 
Suong-Kathy Van

Suong-Kathy Van aka “Bone” is a fifth year at the University of Colorado Denver currently studying Psychology, Pre-Pharmacy with a minor in Business pursuing a BS in Psychology at CU Denver and a BA in Psychology at Metropolitan State University and applying to Pharmacy school within the next year. She’s a part of SWUVSA because her passion for VSA has grown since she was a freshman, and it continues to grow as she became more and more involved in her own VSA. She has an obsession with Winnie the Pooh, enjoys traveling and is a foodie.

  1. Works closely with the External Vice-President as the primary CoRR representative for the Southwest region
  2. Responsible for relaying all CoRR related information to executive board and to the cabinet
  3. Will work closely with CPP chair to keep track of all funds raised for the year’s CPP beneficiary

Events Chair
Anna La


Anna La is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Operations and Information Management at the University of Colorado Boulder with a certificate in Technology, Arts, and Media. She got  involved with SWUVSA upon joining her school’s Vietnamese Student Association and immediately found a group of students as determined to build on the passion of the culture as her. She wants to connect the community beyond state borders and sees SWUVSA as love and family that keeps growing. Anna enjoys being adventurous and can always be found trying something new while overspending on boba and coffee.

  1. Works closely with the Internal Vice President to plan regional events
  2. Works in conjunction with the Treasurer to obtain funds and sponsorships for all regional events
  3. Brainstorms and implements new regional events