Alumni Relations Chair in charge of:

  1. Work closely with the President and External Vice President to maintain alumni relations
  2. Update and maintain the SWUVSA alumni directory
  3. Provide regular organization updates to alumni
  4. Develop programs to foster alumni interactions with current members


Thu Van Tran was born in Fountain Valley, California but has lived in Colorado for most of her life. She graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in Operations and Information Management. In her free time, she loves creatively expressing herself through drawing, fashion, and the musical arts.

Council of Regional Representative Member in charge of:

  1. Works closely with the External Vice-President as the primary CoRR representative for the Southwest region
  2. Responsible for promoting the Collective Philanthropy Project (CPP) to the Southwest region and the current beneficiary and its current project
  3. Will act as liaison between CPP and the Council of School of Representatives, along with keeping track of each VSAs/VASA fundraising efforts
  4. Responsible for relaying all CoRR related information to executive officers and the cabinet


Jimmy Vo is currently a fifth year at the University of Utah studying Strategic Communications. Outside of school and work, his hobbies include working out, playing video games, and traveling. He doesn’t really like talking about himself so this is all you’re gonna get.

Melissa Nguyen

  1. Assist with planning events for the Southwest Region
  2. Works closely with the Internal Vice President to plan regional events
  3. Works in conjunction with the Treasurer to obtain funds and sponsorships for all regional events
  4. Brainstorms and implements new regional events


Melissa Nguyen is currently a 4th year at the University of Colorado, Boulder majoring in Economics. Her goal as the events chair this year is to bring new events to SW VSAs and to remind members of our history and how it all started

Brian Nguyen

  1. Ensure functionality and efficiency of SWUVSA website
  2. Update and maintain website content every month
  3. Provide support for regional event registration platforms
  4. Work with Public Relations Chair and Media Chair for SWUVSA website content


Brian Nguyen is currently a fifth year at the University of Utah studying Communication Technology & Marketing. Outside of work/school, Brian loves to travel, play video games, and build model kits.

Kelly Diep-Mai

  1. Serve as the liaison between the Executive Board and Cabinet
  2. Develop and execute regional projects under the supervision of the Executive Board
  3. Shadow and provide support for each Executive Board member for executing their position-specific projects
  4. Assist the Event Coordinator in the planning and execution of various regional events


Kelly is a 3rd year at the University of Utah studying Kinesiology, Pre-Athletic Training. She has been involved with SWUVSA since Apex-3, as a promotions committee member. Since then, she has been on CoSR 2018-2019, Apex-4 Marketing Co-Director, and now the SWUVSA Intern. In her spare time, she enjoys bullet journaling, maining kirby in smash (she will fight), and knitting hats for babies.

Alice To

  1. Create a committee of volunteers to help document various events throughout the region
  2. Archive VSA / VASA information that pertains to SWUVSA
  3. Maintain photo collection(s) of regional developments
  4. Work with Public Relations Chair and Information Technology Chair to maintain the SWUVSA website
  5. Create all promotional materials for SWUVSA related events and projects


Alice To is an alumnum of the University of Utah. She works in Marketing in order to afford to spoil her dog. When not creating graphics she is reading, binging shows, or trying out new food places without posting pictures to social media.

Haeden Nguyen

  1. Maintain all social media pages and accounts
  2. Engage individuals through social media
  3. Work with the Executive Board to develop regular content, including but not limited to a blog
  4. Work with Media Chair for multimedia content
  5. Work with Media Chair and Information Technology Chair to update SWUVSA website


Haeden Nguyen is a Senior at the University of Arizona studying Business Management with a certificate in Social Innovation. Her love for media and culture brought her to VSA. She enjoys music, thrifting, and environmental issues. For this term, she hopes to connect more with her culture and the people within SWUVSA through projects.