Alumni Relations

Stefanie Nguyen

  1. In charge of maintaining relations with alumni
  2. Fostering and keeping alumni engaged in region


CoRR Representative

Tiffany Pham

  1. Works closely with the External Vice-President as the primary CoRR representative for the Southwest region
  2. Responsible for promoting the Collective Philanthropy Project (CPP) to the Southwest region and the current beneficiary and its current project
  3. Will act as liaison between CPP and the Council of School of Representatives, along with keeping track of each VSAs/VASA fundraising efforts
  4. Responsible for relaying all CoRR related information to executive officers and the cabinet



Dung Tran

  1. Assist the executive board and fellow cabinet members as needed
  2. Assist in alumni relations
  3. Learn about the potential roles of executive board
  4. Other duties as assigned


Media Chair

Tri Lam

  1. Actively maintains and engages individuals on all social media
  2. Maintains photo collections of regional developments
  3. Maintains the website
  4. Creates all promotional materials for SWUVSA-related events and projects


Public Relations

Emily Xiong

  1. Develop external communication