Apex Conference

The 3rd Annual Apex Leadership Conference, Apex-3, will be hosted in Salt Lake City, UT March 23-25, 2018! This conference will be held at the DoubleTree Suites in the heart of beautiful Salt Lake City’s downtown.

What can you expect from Apex-3? By attending the weekend-long conference, you will be exposed to leadership-building activities and the opportunity to meet individuals from VSA/VASA organizations throughout the Southwest region.

Join us for an unforgettable conference! Follow our facebook event page for the most up to date conference details here!

Apex-3 Conference Theme

Apex-3 Conference Theme

January 22, 2018

Illuminate: the Power of You

This year, the Apex-3 conference staff worked diligently to select a conference theme that describes the next chapter of the Southwest UVSA story.  

Apex-1 was the defining moment in which we were finally able to take the next step and showcase our region in the form of a leadership conference in Colorado.  We focused on cultivating leadership development within our region and strengthening the bonds with our established states and schools.  We saw an increase in support from other UVSAs across the country and realized that our region was truly “On the Rise”.

We traveled down the road to Arizona for Apex-2, where we sought to “Ignite the Embers” within our attendees to realize their own potential and fuel their passions to further contribute to their community.  As a result, we continued to foster an inclusive and welcoming environment of togetherness and further uniting our region under one goal.

With our embers still burning bright, we envision this year’s conference to empower our attendees to step up to new challenges and opportunities.  Our goal is the to provide resources and experiences that inspire our attendees to take action and create change after their weekend in Utah.  Together, we can “Illuminate” the path towards a brighter future, emphasizing the collective power of the individual, and continue to be the beacon of leadership for generations to come.

Our generous sponsors

We want to take the time out to thank our sponsors for making Apex-3 Possible.

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