SWUVSA Member of the Month | October

Marissa Wong

Marissa Wong - VSA at CU Boulder

Who is Marissa Wong?
Marissa Wong is a very hardworking and friendly individual who continues to expand her knowledge and experience through out her college career.  
Interesting Fact
She is also a sister of Sigma Psi Zeta
Why was Marissa Wong selected as SWUVSA Member of the Month?
She has helped our VSA with our biggest fundraiser of the semester, Banh Mi and Boba Fundraiser.  She stayed up late at night to help her VSA brew tea for the boba that was to be sold the next day.  
Why did SWUVSA select Marissa Wong to be the regional member of the month?
She continues to be very active within our our VSA. She is always networking and helping out with events even when her VSA does not ask for help.  She is always welcoming and introduces new members to VSA.  

APEX-2 Phoenix, AZ

After much deliberation, SWUVSA is proud to announce that Brian Le will be the Executive Director for the Apex-2 Leadership Conference. Please join us in congratulating him for taking on this exciting role!


Apex Style Guide

So, conference is just around the corner and you might be freaking out – WHAT DO I WEAR? Well, have no fear! Through a very precise process of Facebook lurking, we have utilized the latest copy & paste technology in order to put together an official conference style guide!  Read more “Apex Style Guide”


SWUVSA Apex Conference 2016: On the Rise

The Southwest Union of Vietnamese Student Associations is proud to announce their first Apex Conference for Spring 2015! The event is a series of workshops and team building activities that will develop leadership capabilities, expand networks and inspire personal development. Our mission is to progress the next generation of leaders within the Southwest region by instilling ideas of leadership, service and community. Apex Conference is not limited to the Southwest region and is open to all regions.

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