Elections for SWUVSA’s Executive Board will be held during this year’s Apex-3 Conference in Salt Lake City Utah. We have many amazing candidates in the running this year. Learn more about them below!

Cabinet position elections will be held April 2018!


Presidential Candidate

Hai-Yen Diep is currently pursuing her doctorate degree in pharmacy at the University of Utah College of Pharmacy.  Her initial involvement with the Vietnamese American Student Association [VASA] at the University of Utah started in her senior year of her undergrad, where she wanted to hang out with friends at meetings but quickly became the external vice president.  Her involvement and passion for the Vietnamese community grew from there to include regional and national events. Some of her SWUVSA and UNAVSA involvement include: UNAVSA-13 family leader, UNAVSA-14 Family committee, Apex-2 Family Director, Apex-3 Co-Executive Director.  Hai-Yen enjoys cooking elaborate meals in her spare time, maintaining her Yelp Elite status of 4 years, and dreams about owning a corgi someday.

View Hai-Yen’s resume.

Why are you applying for this position?

I want to step up into this position to lead the Southwest region in growth and development. Since SWUVSA connected with Utah, I have been participating in various activities and events to grow as a leader and I am finally ready to take on the role of president. I truly would not be the same person I am today without the opportunities and experiences that SWUVSA allowed me.

What goals would you have, and like to accomplish during your term for Southwest UVSA?

Southwest is the best and I want to have that message resonate throughout our region. Although we are a newer region to the UNAVSA network, I want to take us to the next level to distinguish ourselves. I want to lead efforts to develop our alumni network to lay a strong foundation and promote member growth. I want to increase our social media presence by encouraging bi-weekly spotlights of VASA/VSA chapters and encouraging media projects to highlight events going on within our region. The network between states of our region is growing and I want to encourage those connections to lead to growth opportunities and friendships. I want to improve the presence of e-board itself to our region by increasing our attendance at local events and revamping our public image to be more approachable to encourage collaboration with members. Additionally, I would like to develop regular webinars to provide resources for our chapter members. We are all limited to the experiences within our immediate VASA/VSA chapters and I want to provide means to develop skills and acquire knowledge in order to promote growth in our region.

Candidate for External Vice President

Anthony Le is a soon to be graduate from the University of Colorado Boulder, where he is pursuing a degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. His involvement with the Vietnamese-American community kickstarted through his initial involvement with VSA at Boulder. There, he found an amazing new family that helped shape him into the leader he is now, and encouraged him to take on more leadership roles, such as: Apex-1 Family Staff, Apex-3 Family Director, UNAVSA-14 Family Leader, and the current CORR for SWUVSA. Outside of all his involvement, Anthony enjoys catching up with Wes Tran, dancing, and long walks to his refrigerator.

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Why are you applying for this position?

I believe, based on my own self-evaluation of my credentials, I would be a good applicant for the position of E.V.P for our region. Beyond that, I want to continue giving back to SWUVSA for the opportunities I have found through my continual involvement thus far while also wanting to continue fostering the development of our region. I feel that I, for the members of my own home VSA and other individuals I have interacted with that for whatever reason look up to me, should continue trying to be the most positive role model and continue stepping up so that I can encourage and influence the aforementioned individuals to also step up and contribute to the growth of the community they identify with, while also gaining new experiences, expertise, and skill sets that I can impart on the new generation of amazing leaders so that they can further the visions of the leaders of today.

What goals would you have, and like to accomplish during your term for Southwest UVSA?

My goals for EVP would be a continuation of the goals I set for myself as the current CORR for the SW. I would want to continue thinking of ways to help the development of connections between the various constituents that identify as being a part of SWUVSA, while also thinking of ways to develop the “branding” of our region with respect to other regions within UNAVSA. Those are the goals I have currently as a singular prospective entity for E-board. Beyond that, I would work and discuss, if given the opportunity to be a part of the 2018-2020 E-board, with my fellow board members and cabinet members to see what shared goals we can develop that would both benefit the region and our constituents.


Candidates for Internal Vice President

Bobbie Le

Xin chào quý vị (Hello), My name is Bobbie Le, Internal Vice President candidate for SWUVSA. I am a student at the College of Pharmacy, University of Arizona.  One of my career goals is to work in specialty pharmacy providing care for HIV/cancer patients. Currently, I work at Walgreens Pharmacy (hit me up for that employee discount) as a pharmacy intern. My leadership roles in VSA include: Apex-1 Family Director, Apex-2 Logistics Director, and Arizona State University VSA President. Some of my favorite hobbies are Netflix binger, milk tea connoisseur, and napping enthusiast.

My personal goals this year are to get into the Yelp Elite Squad, pass my first year of pharmacy school, make new wonderful memories at Apex-3 Conference, and become your Internal Vice President for SWUVSA.

Why did I choose to run for IVP, you may ask? I love my SWUVSA family and all the wonderful things this special region has to offer. Being involved with SWUVSA has given me great confidence, developed my leadership skills, and make lasting friendships. I want to take what I have learned and help inspire others to reach their potential.

View Bobbie’s resume.

Why are you applying for this position?

As an a SWUVSA alum, I believe that I would be not only an appropriate, but a wonderful candidate to fill the role of IVP. I have held various positions of leadership in VSA including: Apex-2 Logistics Director, Apex-1 Family Director, and VSA at ASU president. I also hold leadership positions at the College of Pharmacy, University of Arizona, such as President-elect of the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists and Cholesterol Coordinator for the National Community Pharmacists Association. In every position I have held, I have dedicated countless hours, gave 150% effort, and introduced innovative ideas to each position.

Because of VSA, I was inspired to make a difference, become a better leader, and developed long-lasting connections throughout the greater North America. As IVP, I would like to utilize the tools I gained to influence other members of SWUVSA and motivate them to become more involved and create a difference.

What goals would you have, and like to accomplish during your term for Southwest UVSA?

If I were elected, I would like to develop the Council of School Representatives (CoSR) in defining individual and collective roles. I would also want to provide more projects to CoSR, such as collaborative CPP fundraising among the participative schools, fundraising for the Diamond Scholarship, and reviving the SWUVSA monthly newsletter. In addition, I would like to introduce a mentorship program including SWUVSA alumni and current members. As SWUVSA is growing exponentially, we have an abundant amount of capable and successful alumni who can help guide current members and their goals. To further add to the mentorship program, I would also like to develop an alumni association and define the qualifications of SWUVSA alumni. I believe alumni are necessary to the development of an organization, since alumni are an essential foundation and provide great support to an organization that made them successful.


Khanh Cao

My name is Khanh Cao and I am running for internal Vice President for SWUVSA. I recently graduated from the University of Utah in Medical Laboratory Science. I am currently the SWUVSA intern and I am entertainment director for this year’s Apex-3 conference. I love ice cream and my favorite leisurely activity is napping.

View Khanh’s resume.

Why are you applying for this position?

Seeing the difference that Jenny La has made being internal vice president gives me inspiration of doing a similar thing. I just graduated from the University of Utah and I want to still be involved in this amazing organization.

What goals would you have, and like to accomplish during your term for Southwest UVSA?

I’d like to find a way to further bond the schools of this region together. I’d like to try and find more VSAs in the region to join SWUVSA. I’d like to make CoSR more well known among VASA/VSAs in the region by doing things like the newsletter they do and hopefully have more people be able to read it.



Rachel Truong

Rachel Truong is a recent graduate at University of Colorado Boulder, pursing a nursing degree. Her passion for the Vietnamese community stem from her involvement in 2014. She hopes to bring Southwest Union of Vietnamese Student Association to a professional platform by inspiring members to challenge themselves and igniting their passion. Rachel’s hobbies includes any hiking, watching an absurd amount of tv shows, and catching up with friends. Also a fun fact, she doesn’t like cookies.  

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Why are you applying for this position?

I was encouraged by Anthony Le and Hai-Yen Diep to apply for IVP. During the time I stepped away from Southwest Union of Vietnamese Association, I was able to see how other regions work(South UVSA) and learned from them. I want to be able to bring my experience into a new team as well as improve our region because I have so much passion for it. While I was CPP Chair, we as a region was still fairly new and now, I think is the right to time to make Southwest more a professional base organization. I want to take a leap/risk, to challenge myself as a leader and bring SWUVSA to new heights.

What goals would you have, and like to accomplish during your term for Southwest UVSA?

✓ Continue to push forward/be more active on the SWUVSA newsletters.
✓ Build stronger connections between Alumni and current active members of all the VSA/VASA. Because our alumni base has grown so much since SWUVSA has been established, I think there are so many opportunities to create this network of advice, friendships, and become more professional.
✓ Get SWUVSA more known within our own region as well as work with EVP to get more support with other regions.
✓ Guide VSA members and be a role model for them to strive to continue our legacy.
✓ Challenge myself in a leadership position and to continue to work with amazing individuals.



Timothy Miles

Timothy, or commonly, Timmy is from the University of Arizona (UofA) with degree in Computer Science and works in cyber security. He has served on UofA VSA eboard for several years serving as fundraising chair, COSR representative, and vice president. He currently is Apex-3 Promotions Co-Director and serves on UNAVSA’s IT cabinet. Timmy remains active within the region by attending and help organizing regional events. Timmy does photoshoots, longboard and web development most of his time.  

View Timmy’s resume.

Why are you applying for this position?

I’m applying to the position of internal vice president (IVP) for the southwest region because I want to remain a driving force for swuvsa’s growth. My varied experience from serving on my VSA’s eboard, conference staff and unavsa involvement have all provided me great skills and insights on how to further build our region.Several of my below goals are technology reliant and I believe my skill set in web development and IT enables swuvsa to easily implement those programs.
I want to serve as IVP because this position is one of the most active positions as it works hand in hand with COSR in addition to many of the logistical aspects of running our region.

What goals would you have, and like to accomplish during your term for Southwest UVSA?

The main aspect I would love to work on while on eboard for the 2018-2020 term is innovation. As a striving and growing region we can leverage technology for increased growth. These main forms of technology includes and not limited to: conference and swuvsa website, email newsletters, alumni directory, and multimedia projects. Many in our region have attended at least one Apex conference by this time, but haven’t committed to a UNAVSA conference. I would strive to put in a bid and get a UNAVSA conference to be held in the Southwest region (probably Denver, CO). Further, as a region, I would love to provide education + resources to COSR and provide more internal resources.


Candidate for Treasurer

Anthony Ho

Anthony “Phu” Ho is a recent graduate from Metropolitan State University of Denver, a school that shares the same campus as the University of Colorado Denver (UCD).  Having Majored in Applied Mathematics and Minored in Economics, he works well when dealing with large amounts of numbers and quantified information. He became involved with VSA at UCD back in April of 2016, where he decided to jump right in and run for the Secretary position for the 2016-2017 academic year.  Due to various circumstances, he also doubled as Vice President during that term. In April of 2017, he was elected as President of VSA. However, his term ended halfway as he graduated in December 2017 and had to step down from his position. During his term and a half, he represented UCD as a member of the Council of School Representatives (COSR).  He was also a Family Leader during SWUVSA’s Summer Summit 2016 and for the Shy Guy/Shy Gal Family for Apex-2.

Phu’s personality is almost exactly as he looks:  quite nerdy/geeky/dorky and fairly awkward. He keeps up with gaming news, is always down to play tabletop games and loves to read manga + Japanese/Chinese light novels (though he hasn’t read a traditional novel in years…).  On the other hand, he really enjoys cooking, eating, snowboarding, playing any and all sports available, tinkering with gadgets/gizmos and most forms of manual labor (construction, house renovations, car stuff, electrical wiring, etc.).  He cares about others a lot and will try his best to support his friends, even if he himself is not in the best position to do so. All around, Phu is a nice guy, though first impressions may be a tad awkward…

View Phu’s resume.

Why are you applying for this position?

I want to stay involved with VSA, but more so on a level that’s larger than local since I am now graduated. I also feel that the Treasurer position is one I am most suited for compared to the others.

What goals would you have, and like to accomplish during your term for Southwest UVSA?

I would like to find more ways to expand the budget to make Summer Summit and Apex planning more “comfortable”.


Candidate for Secretary

Haeden Nguyen

Haeden Nguyen is a sophomore studying Business Management in the Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona. She was born and raised in Nha Trang, Vietnam and moved to America in 2005. Throughout grade school, she joined several clubs in an attempt to find her place. In spite of her efforts, she never truly felt a sense of belonging until she discovered the Vietnamese Student Association (VSA). On a whim one afternoon, she decided to attend a VSA general meeting. Tran Ngo was the first person to approach her. She welcomed Haeden with open arms and dark humor. Now, she is one of her closest friends.

Although Haeden was hesitant to register for APEX-2, her peers ultimately convinced her to take the opportunity. During the conference, she met interesting individuals from all over the Southwest and eventually became extremely close with other VSA members in the region. Later that year, her curiosity took hold and led her to Washington and Oregon for Northwest’s camp and summit.

When Haeden committed to VSA, she knew she would be able to network and build leadership skills. However, she did not expect to create friendships with people who she would eventually go on adventures with. Despite the presumptions some people might have about VSA, to her, this organization is a loving family who supports her aspirations and encourages my authenticity. As a SWUVSA executive board member, Haeden wants to provide the same experience for every member.

View Haeden’s resume.

Why are you applying for this position?

Last spring, I applied for a VSA internship and was denied. Later that semester, I applied for executive board (e-board) and was also rejected. Although I was disappointed in myself, I was never discouraged.
This semester, I am running for an e-board position for the Southwest UVSA, specifically secretary. I want to be more involved in VSA on an internal level in order to be better prepared for my future professionally. My experiences in VSA have provided me with the necessary amount of knowledge to efficiently lead next year’s Southwest UVSA.

What goals would you have, and like to accomplish during your term for Southwest UVSA?

First off, I will utilize my executive status to motivate members to interact within VSA. I want to be the voice for the general members if they are too nervous to do so on their own. Additionally, I want our region’s VSA to rise in quality, not just numbers. To achieve this, our team must support the VSA’s within our region by attending events and promoting their causes. Also, I want to see more SWUVSA representation in other regional conferences. Since I am already actively doing this, I will continue to persuade other members to support these regions.