Executive Board

President - Hai-Yen Diep

Hai-Yen Diep is currently pursuing her doctorate degree in pharmacy at the University of Utah College of Pharmacy. Her initial involvement with the Vietnamese American Student Association [VASA] at the University of Utah started in her senior year of her undergrad, where she wanted to hang out with friends at meetings but quickly became the external vice president. Her involvement and passion for the Vietnamese community grew from there to include regional and national events. Some of her SWUVSA and UNAVSA involvement include: UNAVSA-13 family leader, UNAVSA-14 Family committee, Apex-2 Family Director, Apex-3 Co-Executive Director. Hai-Yen enjoys cooking elaborate meals in her spare time, maintaining her Yelp Elite status of 4 years, and dreams about owning a corgi someday.

  • The president shall ensure that the organization operates in conformity with the principles set forth in this Constitution.
  • Presides over general meetings and officer meetings.
  • Appoints all Junior Officers (with approval of the officers) along with the Executive Board.
  • Revises the Supplementary to the Constitution by September 31st of each year. It should reflect the needs and goals of the new year.
  • Delegate responsibilities.
  • Set goals for the officers and for the organization.

Internal Vice President - Timothy Miles

Timothy, or commonly, Timmy is from the University of Arizona (UofA) with degree in Computer Science and works in cyber security. He has served on UofA VSA eboard for several years serving as fundraising chair, COSR representative, and vice president. He currently is Apex-3 Promotions Co-Director and serves on UNAVSA’s IT cabinet. Timmy remains active within the region by attending and help organizing regional events. Timmy does photoshoots, longboard and web development most of his time.

  • Second-in-command at the request of, or during the absence of, the President.
  • Shall be voted in through the organization’s constituents and made the Regional Representative of the Southwest to the Union of North American Vietnamese Student Associations (UNAVSA).
  • Will spearhead projects that involve collaboration events, projects, and activities.
  • Serves as the main communicator of all VSA’s in partnership with SWUVSA

External Vice President - Anthony Le

Anthony Le is a soon to be graduate from the University of Colorado Boulder, where he is pursuing a degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. His involvement with the Vietnamese-American community kickstarted through his initial involvement with VSA at Boulder. There, he found an amazing new family that helped shape him into the leader he is now, and encouraged him to take on more leadership roles, such as: Apex-1 Family Staff, Apex-3 Family Director, UNAVSA-14 Family Leader, and the current CORR for SWUVSA. Outside of all his involvement, Anthony enjoys catching up with Wes Tran, dancing, and long walks to his refrigerator.

  • Third-in-command at the request of, or during the absence of, the President.
  • Shall be voted in through the organization’s constituents and made the Regional Representative of the Southwest to the Union of North American Vietnamese Student Associations (UNAVSA).
  • Serves as an official VSA representative in campus-related activities.
  • Along with the Executive Board spearhead PR related projects
  • Carry communications with other external orgs not directly involved with VSA’s across campuses who are members, as well as, the greater Vietnamese Community in the extended partnerships with SWUVSA.

Treasurer - Phu Ho

Anthony “Phu” Ho is a recent graduate from Metropolitan State University of Denver, a school that shares the same campus as the University of Colorado Denver (UCD). Having Majored in Applied Mathematics and Minored in Economics, he works well when dealing with large amounts of numbers and quantified information. He became involved with VSA at UCD back in April of 2016, where he decided to jump right in and run for the Secretary position for the 2016-2017 academic year. Due to various circumstances, he also doubled as Vice President during that term. In April of 2017, he was elected as President of VSA. However, his term ended halfway as he graduated in December 2017 and had to step down from his position. During his term and a half, he represented UCD as a member of the Council of School Representatives (COSR). He was also a Family Leader during SWUVSA’s Summer Summit 2016 and for the Shy Guy/Shy Gal Family for Apex-2.

  • Maintains a detailed documentation and prudently monitors accrued expenses, bank balances, reserves, and all sources and uses of funds.
  • Oversees the usage of all VSA money and property.
  • Maintains a statement of income and expenditures to be held accountable at all times to the officers and members upon request.
  • Organizes and files all VSA documents concerning the treasury.
  • Periodically updates the VSA inventory.

Secretary - Rachel Truong

Rachel Truong is a recent graduate at University of Colorado Boulder, pursing a nursing degree. Her passion for the Vietnamese community stem from her involvement in 2014. She hopes to bring Southwest Union of Vietnamese Student Association to a professional platform by inspiring members to challenge themselves and igniting their passion. Rachel’s hobbies includes any hiking, watching an absurd amount of tv shows, and catching up with friends. Also a fun fact, she doesn’t like cookies

  • In charge of the correspondence work which is carried on with other organizations and businesses.
  • Be the official record keeper.
  • Inform and update all SWUVSA Officers of new information and meetings.
  • Organizes and files all documents, excluding those concerning the treasury.