Introducing the SWUVSA Apex Conference Executive Directors + Committee…

We are more than happy to be able to introduce the directors and committee members for our inaugural Apex Conference.


Daniel Huynh
Executive Director

Daniel graduated from CU Boulder in May 2012 with a degree in Environmental Engineering and a minor in Chinese. He is currently working at RK Mechanical in Denver as a CAD Drafter. During his undergraduate, he was the Co-president for Asian Unity, President and Events Coordinator for VSA. Watching SWUVSA start from the beginning, he would have never thought that it would grow as much as it has these past few years. To bring his non-profit and volunteer work for SWUVSA and VSA full circle, he is very excited to be working with Phong as his Co-Executive Director for SWUVSA’s very first regional conference, SWUVSA Apex! On his spare time he likes to hang out with friends having good conversations and laugh. Taking photos is also pretty fun. No matter what the season is, you may find him fishing all over the place!


Phong Nguyen
Executive Director

Phong graduated from CU Boulder in Spring 2012 with a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He is currently working as a firmware engineer in the storage industry. During his undergraduate, he formed SWUVSA along with his Co-Executive Director Daniel Huynh and has held multiple positions on UNAVSA’s conference and general staff. On his free time, Phong enjoys listening to music, playing guitar and board games.


Brian Truong
Registration Director

Little do you know that BRIAN is actually an acronym that stands for:

He has had dedicated countless hours to VASA as both a member and President. You’ll never meet a guy as dedicated as Brian Tanh Minh Truong. His commitment to spread the Vietnamese culture is admirable, and while he isn’t ruling VASA with an iron fist, he is a model employee at the Center for Ethnic Student Affairs at his university, and burns the midnight candle studying to achieve his Bachelor’s in Accounting.
In addition, we have to commend him for his other talents and hobbies, which include body-rolling better than Bey, his superhuman ability to defeat his enemies through leg-wrestling, and his shocking flexibility.


Kristi Leung
Programming Director

Kristi is a recent graduate from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a double degree in Economics and Chinese. She is currently working as a Credit Risk Analyst at the cash register building in Downtown Denver. On her spare time she enjoys playing volleyball, learning Chinese, and playing card games. She was previously a part of the Programming Committee for UNAVSA-12 Conference and she is really excited and honored to take part in planning SWUVSA Apex in the upcoming year as the Programming Director!


Tasha Nghiem
Media Director

Tasha is a recent graduate from CU Boulder with a degree in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology. She’s currently finishing up dental school pre-requisites and is going to be starting the Biomedical Sciences, M.S. post-bacc program at Regis next August before applying to dental school to become an orthodontist. She loves graphic designing, Instagram, eating good food, and she is obsessed with makeup. During her time in undergrad, she was the PR Coordinator for many orgs including VSA and is now the Media Chair for SWUVSA.


Liz Nguyen
Logistics Director

Liz Nguyễn, an Arizona native, is concurrently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology and a Master of Agriculture Education at the University of Arizona. She serves as the SWUVSA Events Coordinator and the Board Director of the But Tre Magazine Scholarship for Vietnamese students. Her passions lie in the development of the local Vietnamese community and the public education of Arizona, but sometimes her loves for puppies, kitties, hamsters, and turtles outweigh it by just a little.


Bobbie Le
Family Director

Bobbie is studying at the Arizona State University in pursuit of a degree in Biochemistry, while working part-time at Walgreens Pharmacy. She has been actively involved in SWUVSA for the past two years. Currently, she serves as the President of VSA at ASU. During her presidency, ASU presented SWUVSA’s first successful Summer Mixer outside of Colorado. While she is not working or at school, she enjoys going to new eateries and traveling. Her current is obsession is macarons.

Despite the horrible and miserable weather that Arizona has to offer, it is definitely worth taking on the challenge when if you want to hang out with Bobbie. She is a friend you won’t want to miss out on. Who knows, she might give you a cactus as a gift. Did I mention that she might be a little khát nước from all of the heat over there?

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