SWUVSA Member of the Month | October

Marissa Wong

Marissa Wong - VSA at CU Boulder

Who is Marissa Wong?
Marissa Wong is a very hardworking and friendly individual who continues to expand her knowledge and experience through out her college career.  
Interesting Fact
She is also a sister of Sigma Psi Zeta
Why was Marissa Wong selected as SWUVSA Member of the Month?
She has helped our VSA with our biggest fundraiser of the semester, Banh Mi and Boba Fundraiser.  She stayed up late at night to help her VSA brew tea for the boba that was to be sold the next day.  
Why did SWUVSA select Marissa Wong to be the regional member of the month?
She continues to be very active within our our VSA. She is always networking and helping out with events even when her VSA does not ask for help.  She is always welcoming and introduces new members to VSA.  

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