About Us

Our History
In 2010, Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) representatives from the Univeristy of Denver, University of Colorado Denver, and University of Colorado Boulder met with representatives from the Union of North American Vietnamese Student Associations during a winter retreat to discuss the idea of creating a formalized network of VSAs within the Southwest. This network would later be known as the Southwest Union of Vietnamese Student Associations (SWUVSA). During this same retreat, a constitution was drafted and signed by all three participating schools in order to officially recognize and sanction the organization.

Our Goals
The SWUVSA intends to provide a foundation for awareness, collaboration and interaction among Vietnamese organizations in the Southwest region of North America. Through facilitating conversations between partnered organizations, raising awareness on cultural events surrounding the Vietnamese community and providing events for partnered organizations, the SWUVSA strives to advance the Vietnamese youth.

Who are we?
The Southwest region of North America includes: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada and Utah.


To enhance the understanding of Vietnamese culture among students, young professionals, and any interested individual while promoting awareness and leadership throughout the Southwest region (including but not limited to Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah).

Partners involved in Southwest:

1. University of Denver
2. University of Colorado at Boulder
3. University of Colorado at Denver
4. University of Utah
5. University of Arizona
6. Arizona State University

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